23 Impressive Low-key Photos

Low-key is a very simple lighting technique that can instantly bring style and drama to your images. Although the major parts are dark or even black elements in low-key pictures, details also remain highly distinguishable, which makes low-key photos really mysterious. Low-key photographs are mostly used in creative and artistic photography. Today we present to you a collection of wonderful low-key photos to inspire you.

Mysterious low-key photos

Fifteen by David Sherret

A Portrait in Darkness by Seanmcgrath

Light and dark by Cobblucas

Low key Water Lilly by llamnudds

The Golden Egg by Michael Sharman

Contre-Jour Amour by Zetson

Appel in low key by Nikozz

So Confused by Samyra Serin

Hole to success by Seema K

One Against Many by Ahd Photography

Dark Child by √oхέƒx

Cokey Low-key by Zetson

Portrait Style by Richard Horsfield

Killmainham Hallway by Sean Doran

After Hard Fought Game by Val Tourchin

Blind Narcissus by Ninereeds-DA

outline by L-Netz

CosmoLight by AL-baum

HowLow_3 by InvictusColor

Hint of a glass by Chriscom

Nikon B/W by Abadada

Low-key self portrait  by Ram Balmur

Sugar…? by Pascal Müller


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