31 Fabulous Examples of Animal Photography

While photography is a challenging field in general, animal photography has a different aspect of challenging, because taking photos of animals is more dangerous and requires special skills compared to other photography fields.

Animal photography requires a lot of patience in choosing the right time for taking the photo, because animals are always moving and cannot be controlled. It also always puts the photographers at a risk as dangers may lie ahead in the forest and wildlife. Animal photography requires a good handling of lights and colors in the scene in order to have a great photo results.

Below we feature amazing examples of animal photography of different animals in various environments. You can click on each image to check the source and other examples of the photographers’ works.

Impressive animal pictures

One family by Merlin Franc Anto F

Cheetah 01 by Catman

Mom, wake up! by Mask-M

White tiger by Aloist

Red Squirrel in the snow by Volker Gilbert

The frog by Shikhei Goh

The three knights by Dorotadziduch

Black Skimmer by Cleber Ferreira

Animals by Octavianus Darmawan

Animals by Beverly Joubert

Eaters of the peas by Aloist

Zebra by Giedo Van Der Zwan

Holding mom’s hand by Darkwolf

animals by Beverly Joubert

Carrot bylolapi

Two Blue Herons by Jack Levy

Playtime! by Jules Cox

The Godfather by Peter Delaney

Breakfast Is Served by James Marvin Phelps

The March by Mark Vincent Müller

If you would like to take by Catman-Suha

Symbiosis by Tamir Bibi

afraid of third party by Fdobritoiu

Leopard 12 by Catman-Suha

Batman and Robin by Bogdan Boev

Fox-cubs after sunset by Lise De Serres

Mother and Cub…by Mac Danzig

Turkmanian Eagle Owl by Cycoze

Rise by Kareem Hamza

Racing Stripes by Lightkast

Cheetahs in the rain by Stephen Earle


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