35 Excellent Photos To Express The Poverty

What is creativity? What does creativity really rule in human civilizations? Many arguments have taken place about the concept of creativity and its rule for human race. Photography is not that far from this argument because it is a type of art that reflects a lot of creativity behind every photo.  Some people believe that creativity is very close to beautiful artwork and some others think it is close to bringing something totally new.

The creativity rule is another part of the dilemma. Should art and creativity provide something useful to civilization? Should it provide an idea or reflect human thoughts and ideas? In both concepts, I think creativity should bring something new that adds value to the human civilization. Creativity should provide something to the next generation to remember and see how human civilizations’ chain of ideas flows.

You may be asking if this is related to the post title. Actually, the following photos will make you think about this dilemma and try to find a solution for it yourself. The following photographs are of poverty and poor people around the world. Photos of people and places who many think it doesn’t include any beauty, but they are wrong. The beauty in the following photos is in the soul of human beings and the strong desire to live in such miserable situations. The real beauty behind the below photos is of mankind itself. You can prove this by removing the characters in every image and see if the place will be beautiful or not.

The following photos show the beauty behind the strong children, women and men that live in poverty and strive to continue in their life or even help their children. I hope you like this collection and comment with what you think and if you agree with me regarding the real meaning of creativity.

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