Black and White Photography – Incredible Examples

Unlike color photography, black and white photography uses the light and the shades in the shot to create a deep dramatic effect in photographs, especially when there is a contrast between the dark and illuminated areas in the photo.  Before you take your shots, you have to analyze the composition and make sure that it will appear good in a black and white photo.

The best method to shoot black and white photography is to take the photo in full color and then convert it in Adobe Photoshop. If you did not use to shoot in RAW before, this is the time to start, as shooting images in RAW format will extend your possibilities to edit the images and maintain high quality, even after making modifications.

If you are shooting using the RAW extension, you can take your photo in black and white directly, and despite the black and white appearance of the image, the camera will record all the photo information even the colors of the image.

When you are shooting black and white photographs, you need to lower the ISO to avoid the noise that appears more obvious in gray photos. Also, make sure to have a good soft contrast in your composition by choosing the best shooting times during the day, or the proper light setting for indoor photos.  The following showcase presents some incredible examples of black and white photography. We hope you will enjoy them.

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Beautiful examples of black and white photography


Black and white by Marton Apai

Lonely walk by Mario Mencacci

Tenderness by Marco Gratani

Black and white photography by Bill Ratcliffe

Waitress by Marcus Björkman

The Road Ahead by Adrian Sommeling

A sad tale about a tail by Victoria Ivanova

Polyhedra by Tristan Dumlao

Black and white by Amnon Eichelberg

Black and white by Dan Barham

Its up to you byRohan Reilly

Black and white photography by Gary Cohen

My Dog’s Point of View by Robert Work

Travel by José Fangueiro

Quietus by Donald Cameron

ONE SHOOT by Fotouczniak

Hanging Loose by Rose DiBiasi

Black and white by Luigi Benedetti

Baby & Dad by Jessica Hannon

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