How to Buy A Good Quality Digital Photo Printer

Whether you started photography in the age of darkroom chemicals or began to venture in this field in digital photography era, there is nothing more satisfying and pleasing to see your photo on a paper in the shape of a finished print. However in order to achieve this, you need to have the perfect equipment and material that suits your need and in this regard, printers are the integral part of any photography campaign.

Choosing a Photo Printer:

Following lines explain things you should keep in mind while buying a new digital photo printer.

  • Printer Type:

In order to get photo realistic prints that can rival any other source of getting them, you can choose from two broader categories of printers that are dye-sublimation and inkjet. The earlier one relies on a heating process that mixes dyes on a specially coated paper to produce a continuous tone print. On the other hand, inkjet printers spray extremely tiny and discrete ink droplets onto a specially coated paper making a multiple passes across the tiny surface and creating a smooth picture to naked eye.

Digital Photo Printer
Photo by Danes96

  • The Cost:

The cost of the printer is another factor to consider while buying a good photo printer for both professional and amateur photographers. Most of the printers come up with plenty of ink for a given number of photos and it is easy to calculate the cost of the printer that you are going to get according to your specific needs.

  • Black and White Photos:

Modern printers are mostly colored and therefore cannot handle black and white very well. Furthermore, it is also sometimes difficult to get a monochrome image due to different tints for different shades of the gray. Therefore, you need to determine whether you want both color and black and white photos or any one of them from your printer.

  • The Size of the Printer:

General use printers come in very small to very big sizes that are often too heave to carry. Therefore, if you are a casual photographer, small pocket size printers will do the job for you. On the other hand, if you are a dedicated photographer, you might need big printers where some of them can even print papers as large 13 by 19 inches or even bigger banners such as photo to canvas prints.

  • The Speed of the Printer:

Speed perhaps is not very important as far as printers are concerned because only thing that matters is the quality of the picture. In fact, even the slowest printers available will give a fairly tolerable speed even for the large prints. Also keep in mind that given speed is more than actual speed and it also depends on the source you are printing from.

  • How Much To Print:

How much do you want to print or “duty cycle” (total number of images per month) of the printer is also important to consider for any printer you are interested in. therefore, if you are a dedicated or semi dedicated photographer, do not buy a printer whose duty cycle has not been given by the manufacturer.


Latest technology has become essential part for whole world. However, you need to be extra careful while buying a photo printer to obtain the maximum value for the fortune you spend. You need to keep in the mind the above mentioned points while going to purchase a good quality printer.

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