Stunning High Speed Photography shots

High speed photography is a technique of capturing photos with an extremely fast shutter speed. The human eyes do not allow us to see everything around us, some actions happen around us are too speedy or too slow to notice. The digital camera techniques allow us to see these events and the beautiful shots behind it such as the speed photography techniques. These actions that are very fast for the human eye to notice or to see how much beautiful is it.

Unlike the ordinary photography, the high speed photography depends on different techniques and also needs some additional equipments to help you taking these kinds of photos with your camera . The high speed photography can produce really creative shots. In the following collection, you will find stunning high speed photography shots using several objects and materials.

Wonderful examples of high speed photography

Lime Drop 2 by Kominyetska

Big Bang! by Risquillo

High speed photography by AL-Tubaiykh

Avitaminosis by Batoev Anton

Another Crown by AHMED

Ggg 4 by Nebarotype

Shot of a drop shot by Lex Augusteijn

Red on Red by Kev Lewis

Liquify II by Kev Lewis

Droplet by 96Dpi

Yoplait by Nebarnix

Black Light by KevLewis

Splash! by Scalespeeder

High speed photo by KevLewis

Smashing by John Chung

Ethan_Cain-Water_Drops-0013_Sm by lycwolf

High speed photos by John Chung

Bullet against tomato by Fotofrog

Aero tango by Mikesi

Water Animation by Aziz J.Hayat

Yellow & Pink Party by Morphicx

The blind golfer hits an egg by Fotofrog

1st Canon 7D Droplet by Kev Lewis

Bulb by Fotofrog

Bananas to the beat by Fotofrog

How to take high speed photography shots

That video tutorial will show you how to take an amazing high speed photos.

Want to know More about high speed Photography? Check out these high speed Photography Books:

1- High-Speed Photography: It’s not rocket science.

2- High Speed Photography and Photonics.

3- Split Second: The World of High Speed Photography

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