The Art of Smoke Photography

Smoke, this ever changing substance, is such an interesting thing to photograph. You can have a lot of fun trying to photograph smoke and then seeing the crazy smoke shapes you have captured. Below are some amazing smoke pictures for your inspiration as well as some tutorials to help you capture wonderful smoke pictures. Enjoy!

Incense Smoke by Vladdy The Photogeek

Canabis smoke by Zbuchlak

Somebody -HQ- by Darkshines7

Smoke by Steve Wampler

Blue Smoke II by Pascalbovet

Smoke against Black by Vladdy The Photogeek

Smoke by  Inbrainstorm

Smoke byJessica Runkel

flow by Jessica Runkel

Smoke, again by Colpewole

Smoke by Tpics

Smoke5 by Kyle May

Smokin’! (4) by Kyle May

Burning oil BY Cow Gummy

Smokinn by Pangalactic Gargleblaster and the heart of gold

Swirling Column of smoke by Bill Gracey

Twin 1 (smoke) by Thegift73

smoke 2 by Kyle May

Smoke photography tutorials

Smoke Photography Made Easy

Capturing Delicate Wisps of Smoke

Smoke Photography Tutorial

Smoke Photography Video Tutorial

Learn how to photograph smoke and enhance your shots with Photoshop.

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